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Spend your vacation somewhere special and stay in a vacation rental from CASAMUNDO and enjoy the best time of the year: vacay. Find accommodation rentals to cater for your every need, whether it be bringing the whole family along for a brilliant family trip or booking a island retreat to get away from it all. We offer all kinds of different types of accommodation to choose from, ranging from cabins and beach houses to mansions and condos in in the coolest cities in Europe and the US. You can find your perfect rental home in the most amazing destinations. Some of our most popular offerings include dreamy houses by the pool in Croatia, cultural trips to Italy and chalets for skiing in Switzerland.

You'll find your ideal rental for every occasion at CASAMUNDO, whether you're travelling as a couple or with a group of 30 persons. For city trips you could choose to stay in a modern apartment in Spain or a historical manor house in Amsterdam, the choices are endless. If a romantic trip is what you are searching for, look for vacation homes in destinations such as Venice or in Bruges where you can book boat rides for couples and tables in world class restaurants. If you're the adventurous type maybe you'll want to stay in some rental accommodation with a twist. In that case you could book a waterside boat adventure or pretend your royalty and stay in a castle or palace. There's also no need to worry about leaving your pets at home while you enjoy your vacation, as many of our rentals cater for people travelling with pets and would love for them to stay.

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Booking with CASAMUNDO couldn't be any easier because you can search through over 700,000 houses and apartments online from the comfort of your own home and book directly whenever you have found the perfect one. All of the accommodation we provide on our website are provided at the best guaranteed price. Customer service is one of the most important things to us, so if you have any questions, requests or just simply want to book over the telephone, don't hestitate to contact our service team who are here for you Monday through Friday.


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