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Here we have listed the most important points about your holiday with Casamundo:

Coronavirus - Information

Is there anything to consider if I only want to travel in the next few months?

If you want to book: Please inform yourself about the travel and safety regulations of the destination country. The situation can change daily and it is your personal decision whether to travel. If you have questions about a property or would like to book by phone, our customer service team will be happy to help you:

+44 20 3856 4336 or +1 855-428-6879 or [email protected]

If you have already booked: Please observe how the situation develops and inform yourself about the travel and safety regulations of the destination country. In case of an official travel warning several of our partners have set up special cancellation and change procedures for bookings. Please contact our customer service team if you have any questions:

+44 20 3856 4336 or +1 855-428-6879 or [email protected]

How can I modify or cancel my booking?

Cancellations or booking modifications generally have to be sent in written form, either by e-mail or via our online contact form. Please include your booking reference and be aware of due cancellation fees. We will process your cancellation or modification during office hours.

You will receive the confirmation of the cancellation/modification and the cancellation invoice from the specific provider of the holiday home.

Can I reserve a property and book later?

A property cannot be reserved or put on hold. Casamundo aggregates offers from partner websites and doesn't rent the properties itself.

Questions about booking

1. Is the property still available?

The availability calendar is updated daily and shows whether an object is still available. Dark green colored dates mean that the corresponding dates are available and eligible as arrival dates, light green means available but not eligible as arrival date while red colored dates mean that it has already been reserved.

In order to inquire about availability in real-time, simply click on your desired travel dates and enter the number of persons travelling into the calendar below. The price will then show if the property is still available. If the property selected for this date is not available you will receive an error message stating: „ Unfortunately the accommodation cannot be booked on your selected travel dates.“. You might want to double check whether your indicated arrival and departure dates are bookable.

2. Can I make requests without having to commit to anything, to enquire about whether the property is still available or not?

You can always tell if the property is still available by clicking on the dates, select the desired duration and specify the number of persons travelling. The price only appears, if the property is still available. In certain cases, predominantly in peak seasons, the booking has to be confirmed by the landlord/owner of the property. Such requests are obligatory.

3. Is it only possible to book from Saturday to Saturday? Is there a possibility of different arrival and departure travel dates?

In the peak season from mid-June until late August, and also in other high-demand holiday periods, the arrival and departure travel dates still available are colored dark green. In off-peak seasons, the duration of your stay is generally more flexible. However, if you are unable to select weekday or short-term dates in the calendar, feel free to contact our sales team who have the additional opportunity of making such requests directly via the owner of the property.

Note: In our search portal, you are able to select your exact dates. By clicking the "search" button you will be provided with a display of all available results for your requested date.

4. Are children, small children and babies classed as a full adult?

Children, small children and babies need to be accounted for as accompanying persons. Exceptions are specifically stated in the property description.

The maximum number of people is given for each property and it must not be overstated for insurance reasons. Exceptions require the prior approval of the owner (see question 5).

5. Am I allowed to arrive with more people?

If you want to travel with more people than stated in the property description, we need to send a booking request to the landlord including this condition. The booking will only then be confirmed under the condition that the landlord accepts the number of people. In order to do so, please contact our sales team.

Note: Some landlords charge a fee for this request. You will of course be informed during the booking process.

6. Can I bring my pets with me?

It is indicated in the property description whether one or more pets are allowed. The term „pets“ generally refers to dogs here. If you want to bring more pets than allowed or they are cats or other smaller animals, your request must go through the landlord during your booking. In order to do so, please contact our sales team.

Note: If arriving pets weren’t specified within the booking, the landlord has the right to refuse admittance into the holiday home!

7. How can I make a special request, for example, regarding the accommodation’s location?

Of course, we are happy to forward your special requests to the property owner, please do however keep in mind, that these are not mandatory and despite the best efforts by the owner of the property, they cannot always be fulfilled. In order to forward your request, please contact our service team.

8. Can I reserve a holiday home without obligation?

A property cannot be reserved or blocked. Casamundo aggregates offers from partner websites and doesn't rent the properties itself.

9. I'm interested in a long-term stay, what do I have to do?

A stay of more than four weeks has to be requested via the owner of the property, this is particularly the case with long term business stays. Simply contact our service team as we request the price via the landlord without any obligations from you. Please do respect that we do also need the exact arrival and departure dates from you.

Questions about the booking process

1. How can I make a booking?

Book online at your own convenience, whenever suits you best. Below the property description you will find the booking form: just enter all necessary data, double check what you have entered, then accept the terms and conditions of the accommodation and click on the green booking button. If any information is missing, this should now be marked red. With a successful completion, you should be led to the confirmation page. Of course we can also take your booking via telephone (landline: +44 20 3856 4336). Please do be aware that all reservations are equally binding, regardless of whether executed by telephone or online.

2. Can I book without an e-mail address?

Generally, you receive the confirmation of receipt, the booking confirmation and the travel documents by e-mail, therefore we cannot do this without an e-mail address. You can of course alternatively use the e-mail address from a family member, friend or someone you know, provided that this has already been agreed upon thus giving you access to the sent documents.

3. What is the procedure after the booking?

As a general rule, you directly receive a preliminary confirmation after you have made a booking on Casamundo and shortly after, the booking confirmation from your respective provider.

If the booking has to be confirmed by the landlord on site, you will initially receive a confirmation of receipt, and then the final confirmation of the booking, usually within 2-3 working days, provided the landlord has approved this.

Upon receipt of the final payment, you will receive your rental voucher approximately two to four weeks before the start of the trip, including the itinerary, contact details of the key holder of the property and the address of the holiday home.

4. Did I properly book the holiday accommodation?

If the booking has been successfully registered into the system, you will be redirected to the confirmation page. At the same time, you will receive an e-mail from us containing a confirmation of receipt. You will usually receive the final booking confirmation by the respective provider after 2-3 working days.

Note: Have you not received booking confirmation? Please double check your in inbox and the spam folder. If you still cannot find any e-mails, please contact us so that we can check your e-mail address.

5. Why did my booking not work?

Please double check that:

  • You are being shown the travel price
  • All required information has been completely and correctly filled out
  • The terms and conditions have been accepted and the box has been ticked.

If you are not being shown a travel price, the accommodation is already occupied, or the chosen arrival and departure dates are not available. Incomplete or invalid payment data often leads to error messages. In cases such as these, do not hesitate to contact our service team here.

Questions about the price and payment

1. Is the price valid per person or per week?

After entry of the arrival date, length of stay and the number of persons travelling, you will see the price for the whole trip, including duration and the number of persons travelling.

2. How and when do I pay for my holiday rental?

Payment methods vary and depend upon both the accommodation and the provider. You can find more detailed information in the booking form, in the accommodation description under the payment method, and also in the general terms and conditions of the desired property.

With almost every booking, a deposit between 20% and 30% of the rental price will be due. The rest of the payment is usually either to be made 4-7 weeks before the beginning of your holiday, or to be paid on site.

3. Do I have to give my credit card information?

If credit card is the only payment method available, this means that your credit card details are required in order to make the booking. The credit card information does not necessarily have to match the contact information previously entered.

The payment conditions are determined by the landlord of the property; exceptions are not possible. If you do not own a credit card, our service team is happy to help you find an alternative accommodation that accepts other payment options. You can find our contact information here.

Note: If you book on short notice, it is often only possible to pay by credit card.

4. Will my information be transmitted securely?

To ensure that your data is transmitted securely, Casamundo uses the Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (secure hypertext transfer protocol), HTTPS for short. Your data is therefore encrypted. You can recognize the use of HTTPS within the URL of the page on which you enter your personal information, e.g.

If you want to give your details on the phone, these will then be entered securely and will be likewise transmitted via a secure connection.

Note: For security reasons, never send us your credit card information by email.

5. When do I have to pay the deposit and who do I transfer it to?

The deposit is usually paid in cash, partly also beforehand by credit card, and then deposited with the owner or with the key holder. For more information, please check your invoice or property description. If you have paid the deposit in advance, you usually get it back about 2 weeks after departure.

Note: Sometimes, the additional costs are charged at the same price of the deposit. You will then receive your deposit back with the additional costs deducted.

6. How much are the additional costs?

If the extra costs are not charged at an exact fixed rate, the amount will depend upon your consumption which is influenced by your personal usage, your travel location, the time of year and the facilities at the location. We recommend that when you receive the key, you make a note of the meter readings together with the landlord.

Note: If there are no additional costs mentioned in the general terms and conditions or in the property description, then there aren't any.

7. Does Casamundo offer any early bird discounts or special promotions?

Of course Casamundo has a variety of offers. These include both last minute and early bird offers, as well as a variety of other promotions. These are continually being updated and are already included in the total price.

Note: The up to date price will be shown below the calendar after the input of travel dates, the duration of your stay and the number of persons travelling.

Questions about accommodation

1. How do I find out the address of the holiday accommodation?

Casamundo is committed to maintaining the data protection of the owners of the properties provided. The exact address of the property will be sent to you along with your travel documents, usually two to four weeks before the start of your holiday.

2. What time can I arrive and when do I have to check out?

As an overall rule, time of arrival is generally between 3pm and 6pm. On the day you leave, you should vacate the premises before 10am. You can find out exact arrival and departure times in your travel voucher or check the holiday property's terms and conditions, which you can find at the bottom of the property description.

Note: Variations are possible, they must however be confirmed by the owner. Therefore please contact our service team.

3. What basic amenities come with the property and what do I have to bring myself?

As a general rule, holiday accommodation is equipped with sufficient crockery, cutlery, pots, simple cooking utensils and at least two hobs for a truly independent experience. Specific kitchen items such as a salad drainer, blender, coffee maker, egg cooker, microwave, oven etc, and other condiments such as toilet paper or cleaning materials are not part of the basic facilities provided and if required, you have to purchase them yourself, unless they are mentioned explicitly in the property's description.

Bed sheets, towels and tea towels also need to be brought along yourself, unless otherwise stated.

4. Who carries out the final cleaning?

It usually states in the property description, whether a final cleaning is included or can be booked for an additional cost. If not stated previously, then you yourself are responsible for the final cleaning.

5. Where do I find the general terms and conditions for my holiday home?

You can find the general terms and conditions in the format of a link („Yes, I have read and understood the General Terms and Conditions of this property “) within the property description, directly above the green booking button.

Please note that the general terms and conditions differentiate from property to property.

Questions after the booking

1. When will I receive my travel documents?

You will receive your travel documents, such as the booking voucher, usually after receipt of the final payment approximately two to four weeks before the start of your holiday. This includes the exact address of the holiday property, the directions of how to get there and contact details of the landlord or local service provider.

Note: It is necessary that you take your printed travel documents with you on holiday! If you forget your travel documents, we cannot ensure that you can be given copies or confirmation of these again, e.g. outside the opening times of our service providers.

2. What do I do if I want to change my booking?

To inform us about the change of your booking, please contact us in writing by e-mail or through our online contact form. Please include your booking reference and note that these changes are always available upon request and are often subject to charge as stipulated in the general terms and conditions.

If an incurring charge must be paid, our service team will let you know in good time.

3. How can I amend my booking details?

Amending the contact details or the number of persons (within the maximum occupancy) is not usually a problem. Please contact our service team and let us know the correct information.

Note: If you have accidentally booked the wrong holiday home or picked the wrong travel dates, please contact us IMMEDIATELY! Get in touch immediately after the false entry, as in some circumstances it is still possible to delete the booking. Otherwise, a change of booking or cancellation must be carried out, subject to charge.

4. I need to cancel my booking, what do I have to do now?

Cancellations generally have to be sent in written form, either by e-mail or via our online contact form. Please include your booking reference and be aware of due cancellation fees. You can find these in the terms and conditions at the bottom of the page of the specific property.

You will receive the confirmation of the cancellation and the cancellation invoice from the specific provider of the holiday home.

Note: If you are covered by travel cancellation insurance and have to cancel the booking for an insured reason (for example, illness or unemployment) you will be reimbursed the cancellation fees from your insurance provider.

Questions about ratings

1. How are the property ratings generated?

Our ratings are calculated from the ratings that are sent either to us, one of our companies within our group, or the providers (our partners) from customers for a certain accommodation.

These are also the three parties that ask customers to submit their reviews and ratings after their trip.

To be sure that we only receive authentic ratings from customers who actually booked an accommodation, we only accept submissions via specially prepareed links sent to said customers.

2. How do you calculate the overall rating?

The overall rating (shown as stars, as a value up to 5.0/5.0, or categorized into terms such as “excellent”/”very good”) is the average value of all ratings we have for that specific property.

Every rating is treated equally. No other criteria influences the weighting in any way.

The number of total collected ratings is shown in parentheses (when possible).

3. Are there certain categories that come into play when calculating ratings?

In the case that a customer submits a review separated into different categories, these will be averaged together without any weight.

In so doing, any and all categories contribute equally to the overall rating.

The score is however shown broken down into their respective categories (such as cleanliness, amenities, location) on our details page of the property.

4. Can I see when a rating was submitted and from whom?

If a review is sent to us in text form, we show the submission date of said rating on our details page.

We do not show any customers’ names that submit reviews.

We do, however, show additional information in our details page such as “couple” or “family” from these customers when available.

Can't find the information you need in the property description or in our Help Center?

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