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Find the perfect vacation home in Zürich

Lake Zurich
The Lake Zurich Region is filled with sights and activities to explore and enjoy, making it an ideal holiday destination for people of all ages. Lake Zurich is a breathtaking and dramatic lake in Switzerland that is situated to the southeast of the city of Zurich.

What are the most popular destinations in Zürich?

Lake Zurich: Our recommendations

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Seefeld, District 8, Switzerland
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10 Feb - 17 Feb
70 m² Apartment
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Seefeld, District 8, Switzerland
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Choose Lake Zurich Holiday Rentals and enjoy a relaxing and refreshing holiday break

Lake Zurich villas are extremely popular all year round, and especially during the summer months when temperatures of the lake reach well beyond 20 degrees. The lake water is clean and clear making it ideal for swimming, and the numerous public baths and beaches that surround its shores are some of the region’s main attractions. Lake Zurich is surrounded by a variety of cities, all of which have their own unique draws and attractions. The most popular cities in the region include Zurich, Rapperswil, Horgen, Lachen, and Kusnacht.

Lake Zurich Villa Rentals - a city break and a peaceful and tranquil lakeside getaway all in one

Lake Zurich apartments are ideal for those wishing to explore the popular and largest city in Switzerland, Zurich. Getting around the city of Zurich is easy and relatively stress free if using the city's clean and highly efficient public transport system. The network includes trams, buses, cable cars, boats, and S-Bahns, all of which make navigating this enormous city a breeze. There is plenty to see in do when staying in Lake Zurich Region holiday rentals, but the prettiest sights are those located in the old town and around the lakeside and riverfront. The Lake Promenade is one area of particular popularity, especially during the warmer summer months. The boardwalk stretches 3 kilometres along the lake starting from Bellevue.

Lake Zurich Accommodation - the perfect Swiss city break for you

Halfway up the boardwalk is a luscious meadow which is often filled with thousands of people on a sunny day. If you are looking for some peace and tranquillity whilst staying in Lake Zurich holiday rentals, then the Chinese Garden is the place to visit. This enchanting garden was offered to the city of Zurich by the Chinese as a sign of gratitude for all the help and technical knowledge they gave to the city of Kunming. Zurich is also home to a number of impressive events and festivities, including the exciting Streetparade event which takes place once a year on the second Saturday of August. This parade is currently the biggest open air rave in the whole of Europe, with endless 'love mobiles' trawling the streets acting as mobile sound systems. The event attracts millions of visitors to the area every year, where dancing in the street takes place wherever music can be heard. Other events not to be missed if staying in the area include, Swiss national day, Zuri Fascht, and Sechselauten.

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What are the most popular accommodations in the area?

The most popular accommodation types in Zürich are apartment rentals and bed & breakfast rentals. With 85 accommodations in Zürich, the perfect vacation home is only one click away.

How much does it cost to stay the night?

Prices start at just €100 per night. Most bed & breakfast rentals in Zürich are 17 m² and apartment rentals are 55 m².

Do you offer pet-friendly apartment rentals in Zürich?

If you are traveling with your pet, we have the perfect solution: Hotel rooms are the most pet-friendly accommodations in Zürich. On average a pet-friendly rental costs €411 per night.

Do you offer accommodations for traveling with a group?

For your vacation in Zürich, we do offer accommodations for groups. The typical apartment rentals has space for 3 guests.