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Find the perfect vacation home in Madrid

Madrid is the capital of Spain, located right in the heart of the Iberian Peninsula. It is the third largest city in the European Union, after London and Berlin and one of the most popular city break destinations in the world, bordered by the Spanish autonomous communities of Castile and Leon and Castle La Mancha.

Madrid: Our recommendations

House Hispanoamérica 6
75 m² House
6 2
Hispanoamérica, Chamartín, Spain
from €347
for 7 nights
Apartment Palacio 2
46 m² Apartment
2 1
Palacio, Centro de Madrid, Spain
from €212
for 7 nights
Apartment Palomeras Sureste 3
60 m² Apartment
3 1
Palomeras Sureste, Puente de Vallecas, Spain
from €415
for 7 nights
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Vacation homes and cottages with a garden

Studio flat Yard Nueva España
35 m² Studio flat
2 1
Nueva España, Chamartín, Spain
from €728
for 7 nights
Apartment Yard Palacio
53 m² Apartment
4 1
Palacio, Centro de Madrid, Spain
from €980
for 7 nights
Studio flat Yard Lavapiés
60 m² Studio flat
4 1
Lavapiés, Madrid, Spain
from €853
for 7 nights
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Vacation rentals with Wi-Fi

Apartment Internet Cortes
35 m² Apartment
4 2
Cortes, Centro de Madrid, Spain
from €612
for 7 nights
Apartment Internet Bellas Vistas
75 m² Apartment
4 2
Bellas Vistas, Tetuán, Spain
from €406
for 7 nights
House Internet Prosperidad
25 m² House
2 1
Prosperidad, Chamartín, Spain
from €307
for 7 nights
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Vacation Rentals with a Patio

Private room Balcony/Patio Pradolongo
10 m² Private room
2 1
Pradolongo, Usera, Spain
from €321
for 7 nights
House Balcony/Patio Sol
200 m² House
6 3
Sol, Centro de Madrid, Spain
5.0 / 5
from €1,603
for 7 nights
Apartment Balcony/Patio Numancia
34 m² Apartment
4 1
Numancia, Puente de Vallecas, Spain
from €486
for 7 nights
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Book Madrid Holiday Rentals and wander down the tree lined Paseo del Prado avenue

The city is like a mecca for lovers of art who stay in Madrid self catering apartments, the city boasts a much-envied „Golden Triangle of Art“ which includes the city's three major art galleries and three of Europe's most important art exhibition centres: the Reina Sofia, the Thyssen-Bornemisza museum, and the Prado all located in or around the tree-lined Paseo del Prado.

Rent Madrid Apartments and see one of the best art collections in Europe

The Prado is arguably one of the most famous art galleries in Europe, containing an extensive collection of European art ranging from the 12th to 19th century including 7,600 paintings, 1,000 sculptures, 4,800 prints and 8,200 drawings . It contains such iconic artistic masterpieces as Diego Velazquez's „Las Meninas“ and Francisco de Goya's „La Maja Vestida“ and „La Maja Desnuda“, and his „Blank Paintings“ collection. The Reina Sofia contains the chilling but beautiful and moving 20th century artistic piece „Guernica“, by Picasso.

Visit the Royal Palace and be given a guided tour around its extensive, sumptuously decorated and luxurious rooms and fascinating collection of weapons and armours, pharmaceutical, silverware, watches, paintings and tapestries. The city of Madrid is bursting at the seams with interesting and fun museums, the highlights of which include the Lázaro Galdiano Museum, which exhibits a private collection of decorative arts including paintings, sculptures, jewellery, medals, ceramics, clothes and weapons, the Museo Nacional del Romanticismo, which contains a large collection of artefacts relating to daily life and the customs of the 19th century Romantic period and the Museo Sorolla, an gallery of Joaquin Sorolla's beautiful artwork located in the building in which the Valencian Impressionist painter had his home and workshop.

Choose Madrid Accommodation and visit one of the most beautiful cities in the world

Some of the most iconic areas and landmarks of the city of Madrid that you cannot miss out on whilst staying there include a trip to the beautiful Retiro park with its boating lake, a stroll down the Gran Via, the main artery of the centre of Madrid full of restaraunts, high street stores and souvenir shops, a drink in the Plaza Mayor, or „main sqaure“, located in the Medieval part of the town and a trip to the Puerto del Sol, the geographical and spiritual heart of Spain, with its distinctive clock tower.

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What are the most popular accommodations in the area?

The most in-demand accommodations in Madrid are apartment rentals and hotel rooms. With 7,984 offers in Madrid, we always find the perfect accommodation for you.

How much does it cost to stay the night?

With Casamundo you can find rentals in Madrid starting at €30 - On average, you will stay in a 32 m² (Hotel rooms) or a 65 m² (Apartment rentals).

Do you offer pet-friendly apartment rentals in Madrid?

If you are traveling with your pet, we have the perfect solution: Hotel rooms are the most pet-friendly accommodations in Madrid. On average a pet-friendly rental costs €236 per night.

Do you offer accommodations for traveling with a group?

We can help you find accommodations in Madrid for a group. On average, the apartment rentals has space for 5 guests.