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Find the perfect vacation home in Aragon

Aragon consists of three provinces, Huesca, Teruel and Zaragoza, and has its origins as far back as the ninth century. Once part of Navarra as well as Catalonia, it is situated in the north east of Spain, and has a population of approximately 1.2 million people. Mountain ranges wind across Aragon, creating a climate of extremes.

Holiday homes and cottages with a garden

Apartment  Aínsa
4 Nov - 11 Nov
Free cancellation
49 m² Apartment ∙ 5 guests ∙ 2 bedrooms
Aínsa, Sobrarbe, Aragon
from €94 €172
per night
House  Gabasa
21 Oct - 28 Oct
Free cancellation
100 m² House ∙ 8 guests ∙ 3 bedrooms
Gabasa, Huesca, Aragon
from €208 €258
per night
House  Fraga
28 Oct - 4 Nov
House ∙ 8 guests ∙ 1 bedroom
Fraga, Bajo Cinca, Aragon
from €111 €347
per night
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Holiday rentals with wifi

House  Hoz de Jaca
13 Oct - 20 Oct
Free cancellation
House ∙ 8 guests ∙ 4 bedrooms
Hoz de Jaca, Alto Gállego, Aragon
from €286 €550
per night
Apartment  San Pablo
13 Jan - 20 Jan
Free cancellation
60 m² Apartment ∙ 5 guests ∙ 2 bedrooms
San Pablo, Zaragoza, Aragon
from €97 €142
per night
Apartment  El Gancho
7 Jan - 14 Jan
Free cancellation
70 m² Apartment ∙ 6 guests ∙ 2 bedrooms
El Gancho, Zaragoza, Aragon
from €109 €279
per night
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Apartments and holiday lettings with a kitchen

House  Lécera
27 Jan - 3 Feb
Free cancellation
20 m² House ∙ 3 guests ∙ 1 bedroom
Lécera, Campo de Belchite, Aragon
from €68 €99
per night
Apartment  Zaragoza
75 m² Apartment ∙ 4 guests ∙ 2 bedrooms
Zaragoza, Aragon, Spain
from €147
per night
Apartment  Alquézar
28 Sept - 5 Oct
40 m² Apartment ∙ 4 guests ∙ 1 bedroom
Alquézar, Somontano de Barbastro, Aragon
from €80 €150
per night
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Aragon: Our recommendations

House Biescas
6 Oct - 13 Oct
100 m² House ∙ 9 guests ∙ 3 bedrooms
Biescas, Alto Gállego, Aragon
from €156 €360
per night
Apartment Aínsa
Free cancellation
37 m² Apartment ∙ 3 guests ∙ 1 bedroom
Aínsa, Sobrarbe, Aragon
from €100
per night
House Gerbe
21 Oct - 28 Oct
House ∙ 5 guests ∙ 1 bedroom
Gerbe, Aínsa-Sobrarbe, Aragon
4.8 / 5.0
from €154 €190
per night
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What are the most popular holiday destinations in Aragon?

Aragón self catering Villas - book yourself an unforgettable Spanish holiday in the heart of Spain

Cold winters and hot summers tend to be the general rule here, though the mountains mean that the weather is often very changeable. There are several towns which anyone staying in Aragón accommodation should visit to get a proper flavour of the region. Zaragoza is the capital of the region, with a population of around 800,000 people. Its 17th century Basilica is one of its major landmarks, and there is also a good range of architecture and art to see produced by Mudejars, or Muslims who stayed on in Spain after the Reconquista.

Looking for holiday destination which will satisfy your craving to learn about foreign art and architecture? Look no further than these artistic gems:

  • Come and rent Languedoc-Rousillon Holiday Cottages and visit some towns, such as Montpellier and Pont du Gard, that have been awarded a spot on the UNESCO World Heritage List for their architectural charm
  • Choose Hesse Apartments and marvel at the spectacular skyscrapers of the Frankfurt am Main financial district
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Aragon Holiday Rentals - come and visit Teruel, the least-populated city in Spain

Some of this style of decoration can also be seen at Huesca, in its Gothic cathedral, and at Teruel, which has a Mudejar church known as San Pedro. Teruel is also interesting as it is the least populated city in Spain. There is also some marvellous cuisine on offer to anyone staying in Aragón holiday rentals. The focus is very much on keeping things plain and simple, but using fine ingredients. The region of Zaragoza is well-known throughout Spain for the quality of vegetables cultivated there, while the lamb is seen as being some of the best in the country. A kind of suckling lamb which originates here, known as terasco, enjoys a great reputation. Teruel is better known for its pork products, especially ham, while Huesca produces great river crab, trout and sardines.

Sample the delicious cuisine of the autonomous community of Aragon with Aragon Apartments

Being so close to the Pyrenees, winter can also be a good time to visit Aragón holiday rentals. The town of Jaca forms something of a gateway to the mountains and is one of Spain's most famous ski resorts. Its 12th century castle is worth a visit, but the town's real interest lies in the access it provides to the mountains. While skiers and snowboarders will want to come here in winter, summer visitors to Aragón holiday rentals close to Jaca can enjoy great hiking trails, which reward effort with some marvellous views. Staying in Aragón holiday rentals puts visitors in the heart of what Spain has to offer. A land of contrasts and cuisine, as well as mountains and buildings, Aragon is hard to beat as a 12-month, all-year-round holiday destination.

What are the most popular accommodations in the area?

The most booked accommodations in Aragon are apartment rental and house rentals. We search from more than 312 accommodations in Aragon to help you find the perfect place to stay during your trip.

How much does it cost to stay the night?

Prices start at just €50 per night. Most house rentals in Aragon are 76 m² and apartment rental are 71 m².

Do you offer pet-friendly apartment rental in Aragon?

We have the perfect options for you and your furry companions. Apartment rental are the most pet-friendly accommodations in Aragon with an average price of €143 per night.

Do you offer accommodations for traveling with a group?

For your vacation in Aragon, we do offer accommodations for groups. The typical apartment rental has space for 6 guests.

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