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The unique geography of Slovenia coupled with its friendly and hard-working people make it a number one holiday destination.

Slovenia: Our recommendations

Apartment Piran 4
50 m² Apartment
4 1
Piran, Piran - Pirano, Slovenia
5.0 / 5
from €623
for 7 nights
House Podveža 3
44 m² House
3 2
Podveža, Municipality of Luče, Slovenia
from €882
for 7 nights
Apartment Ankaran 6
120 m² Apartment
6 4
Ankaran, Koper, Slovenia
from €1,404
for 7 nights
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Vacation rentals with Wi-Fi

Apartment Internet Dovje
25 m² Apartment
2 1
Dovje, Municipality of Kranjska Gora, Slovenia
from €780
for 7 nights
Apartment Internet Ankaran
32 m² Apartment
2 1
Ankaran, Koper, Slovenia
from €809
for 7 nights
House Internet Velika Planina
120 m² House
6 2
Velika Planina, Municipality of Kamnik, Slovenia
from €970
for 7 nights
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Apartments and vacation rentals with a kitchen

Apartment Kitchen Pomjan
77 m² Apartment
5 2
Pomjan, Koper, Slovenia
from €1,113
for 7 nights
House Kitchen Velika Planina
100 m² House
9 3
Velika Planina, Municipality of Kamnik, Slovenia
from €1,480
for 7 nights
Apartment Kitchen Izola
56 m² Apartment
4 2
Izola, Municipality of Izola, Slovenia
from €734
for 7 nights
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Vacation rentals and apartments with air conditioning

House Aircondition Gonjače
157 m² House
8 3
Gonjače, Nova Gorica, Slovenia
from €2,461
for 7 nights
House Aircondition Črni Kal
72 m² House
5 2
Črni Kal, Koper, Slovenia
from €543
for 7 nights
House Aircondition Ankaran
45 m² House
4 1
Ankaran, Koper, Slovenia
from €453
for 7 nights
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Welcoming people, diverse and beautiful landscape - treat yourself to Slovenia Holiday Homes and Slovenia Holiday Rentals

The only country in Europe, and indeed the world, that features the Pannonian Plane, the Karst, and the Mediterranean climate as well as the Alps mountain range, Slovenia is blessed with an extremely diverse and unique landscape. From the mountain forests, stunning panoramic views of rivers zigzagging through lush green planes can be seen in one direction and the shimmering Mediterranean in the other.

Like something out of a Brothers Grimm fairytale, you can explore the old forests, pick your own fruit and discover the secrets of Slovenia, whilst living in gorgeous Slovenia apartments. A vast number of Slovenia’s two million inhabitants are indigenous, with a smaller part of the population originating from the former Yugoslavia. Most Slovenians live in the towns and cities where manufacturing and services account for the largest part of the country’s workforce. Slove-nia’s people are known internationally for being some of the most hard-working and diligent, constantly aiming to improve themselves and their country.

Slovenia Accommodation - let Casamundo introduce you to an eastern European holiday jewel

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Enjoy the beautiful natural landscape around your Slovenia Holiday Cottages

With old recipes still widely in use across the land, traditional food is served at almost every inn, restaurant and Slovenia holiday accommodation. Due to its prime geographical location, the country’s cuisine is very rich and diverse. International restaurants such as Asian, Italian and Siberian restaurants are also plentiful. The age-old culinary event of osmice is held over a period of eight days where homemade wines are available for extremely low prices. Here cheeses and meat prod-ucts, such as the famous kraški pršut, an air-dried ham, is also available. One of the more interesting Slovenian holidays is that of the “tourist farm”. Even though working on the farm is not mandatory, most farmers welcome a helping hand. On these farms, holiday accommodation Slovenia is usually in the form of self-catering apartments and farmhouse rooms, most with ensuite facilities. Other holiday accommodation options to consider are self-catering apartments, chalets and houses, many of which are conveniently located close to major amenities. The owners as well as locals will be more than happy to assist in holiday plans and advise on local produce, sights and events.Enjoy the glittering Mediterranean, meandering rivers, stunning mountain vistas and rolling green hills, while the genial people and superb holiday accommodation Slovenia make for a truly unforgettable holiday.

What are the most popular accommodations in the area?

The most in-demand accommodations in Slovenia are apartment rentals and hotel rooms. With 7,811 offers in Slovenia, we always find the perfect accommodation for you.

How much does it cost to stay the night?

With Casamundo you can find rentals in Slovenia starting at €35 - On average, you will stay in a 31 m² (Hotel rooms) or a 52 m² (Apartment rentals).

Do you offer pet-friendly apartment rentals in Slovenia?

When traveling with your dog in Slovenia, apartment rentals are recommended. These are the most common pet-friendly accommodations with an average price of €138 per night.

Do you offer accommodations for traveling with a group?

Yes, we definitely have accommodations for groups in Slovenia. On average, the apartment rentals has space for 4 guests.