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Find the perfect vacation home in Hordaland

Breathtaking fjords, hundreds of years old monuments, towering mountains, and beautiful nature trails await you on your Hordaland holidays. Hordaland, a county that was once split up into a multitude of different kingdoms, has evolved in many ways over the years but its original charm, character and beauty remains unchanged.

Holiday rentals with wifi

Apartment Internet Sædalen
140 m² Apartment
4 3
Sædalen, Fana, Hordaland
from €168
per night
House Internet Sveio
9 Jun - 16 Jun
64 m² House
6 3
Sveio, Hordaland, Norway
from €111 €201
per night
House Internet Halhjem
2 Sep - 9 Sep
42 m² House
7 3
Halhjem, Os, Hordaland
from €148 €188
per night
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Apartments and holiday lettings with a kitchen

House Kitchen Åkra
10 Jun - 17 Jun
120 m² House
8 3
Åkra, Hordaland, Norway
from €56 €74
per night
House Kitchen Hellesøy
55 m² House
6 3
Hellesøy, Øygarden Municipality, Hordaland
from €172
per night
Apartment Kitchen Tysnes
80 m² Apartment
5 2
Tysnes, Hordaland, Norway
from €71
per night
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Holiday Homes with a Patio or Terrace

Farmhouse Balcony/Patio Djønno
10 Jun - 17 Jun
120 m² Farmhouse
5 4
Djønno, Ullensvang, Hordaland
from €104 €162
per night
Apartment Balcony/Patio Jondal Municipality
Free cancellation
42 m² Apartment
5 3
Jondal Municipality, Hordaland, Norway
from €78
per night
Apartment Balcony/Patio Kvinnherad
Free cancellation
75 m² Apartment
6 3
Kvinnherad, Hordaland, Norway
from €145
per night
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Hordaland: Our recommendations

House Fitjar Municipality
9 Sep - 16 Sep
25 m² House
2 1
Fitjar Municipality, Hordaland, Norway
from €79 €141
per night
House Hatlestrand
17 Jun - 24 Jun
60 m² House
6 3
Hatlestrand, Hordaland, Norway
from €107 €142
per night
House Tørvikbygd
95 m² House
6 3
Tørvikbygd, Hordaland, Norway
from €117
per night
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What are the most popular holiday destinations in Hordaland?

Experience crashing waterfalls, cascading rivers and stunning mountain views - all near your Hordaland Holiday Cottages

Hordaland is still composed of many different regions to this day, including Bergen, Voss, Stord and Odda.

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Hordaland Holiday Homes - endless Norwegian calm, charm, character and beauty

Each boasts their own share of tourist attractions and beautiful Hordaland holiday rentals. Renting a car would be a great way to explore all the sights but if you prefer not to drive, hop onboard the rail or bus system, or take the efficient and regular ferry services offered here. To take in the wonderful natural scenery, buy a Bergen to Oslo train ticket, a trajectory that takes around 7 and a half hours but one which will be truly unforgettable. Your Hordaland holidays will not be complete without a visit to Mount Fløyen in Bergen. A cable car operated by Fløibanen takes you to the summit and from here, tourists can explore the top of the mountain and enjoy jaw-droppingly beautiful views of the city seen from 320 meters above sea level.

Hordaland Holiday Lettings - step off the beaten tourist track and immerse yourself in Norwegian countryside

Hop on a train from Bergen to Voss and explore the wilderness that lies close to the city centre. Once you get to the city, you’ll find boards that direct you to the Bordalsgjelet-gorge. You’ll see some mesmerizing waterfalls and deep ravines. If the weather is bad, skip this trip and explore the city centre, the shops and the Voss church that holds the wonderful life-sized wooden angel. Norway abounds in mesmerizing waterfalls and fjords and if you just can’t get enough of its scenic beauty, visits Vøringfossen whilst staying in your Hordaland cottage rentals . It is one the most frequently visited waterfalls in the country and rightfully so, as the water crashes down from an im-pressive height of 183 m!Don’t forget to visit the locals clubs and eateries during your Hordaland holidays. Landmark is a very popular club located in Bergen in a very artsy building. Make sure to look up the latest events happening at the venue, as new ones that may interest you crop up all the time.

What are the most popular accommodations in the area?

The most booked accommodations in Hordaland are house rentals and apartment rentals. We search from more than 644 accommodations in Hordaland to help you find the perfect place to stay during your trip.

How much does it cost to stay the night?

With Casamundo, you will find vacation rentals starting from €48 in Hordaland. On average, accommodations in Hordaland will have a size of 100 m² (Apartment rentals) and 99 m² (House rentals).

Do you offer accommodations for traveling with a group?

Yes, we definitely have accommodations for groups in Hordaland. On average, the house rentals has space for 7 guests.