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Find the perfect vacation home in Lesbos

Does the idea of spending chilly holidays in Nothern Europe in such places as Trøndelag Holiday Cottages not appeal to you? Head into Southern Europe and rent holiday accommodation in the third largest of the Greek islands.

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Private room  Anaxos Skoutarou
45 m² Private room ∙ 2 guests ∙ 1 bedroom
Anaxos Skoutarou, Lesbos, Greece
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Private room Anaxos Skoutarou
45 m² Private room ∙ 2 guests ∙ 1 bedroom
Anaxos Skoutarou, Lesbos, Greece
from €100
per night
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What are the most popular holiday destinations in Lesbos?

Rent Lesbos self catering Apartments and discover the breathtaking wildlife on Lesbos Island

Lebos is an attractive Aegean holiday location and a Greek island with a population of around 108,000 inhabitants, most of whom live in its capital, Mytilini. Aprt from its urban settlements, much of the island is covered in olive groves and other fruit trees. Pine forests cover much of the rest of the island, reaching right to the sea in some places. Mytillini is unusual in that it has its own 'Statue of Liberty', just like New York. This Greek version was erected by a Greek immigrant to the USA, who vowed that should he make enough money in America, he would return to his home town and place a statue there as tribute. Anyone staying in Island Lesbos holiday rentals who is interested in the history of the island can visit several museums, exploring the archaeological and cultural life of the past of Lesbos.

Villas on Island Lesbos - come and sample an authentic taste of the Greek lifestyle

Much of the island is given over to agriculture, and there is a lot of dairy farming as well as fruit growing. This island was home to the Ancient Greek poet Sappho, and there are certainly plenty of beaches and other quiet spots where visitors to Island Lesbos holiday rentals can contemplate the mystery and beauty of life. Many of the coastal settlements still have working fishing boats working from them. There is much here to enjoy for lovers of wildlife and the natural world. Guests enjoying a stay in Lesbos holiday villas should head to the wetlands of the Kallonis Gulf. Here, reed beds, small rivers and salt pits form a mosaic of wonderful habitats for a range of bird and other animal life. Something like 134 bird species call the area home at one time or another, with 66 migratory species stopping off at different stages of the year.

Lesbos Holiday Homes - relax on the beach and soak up the glorious Greek sunshine

However, perhaps the island's most interesting natural feature is the Petrified Forest, located on the western tip of the island. Some four million years old, this example of a fossilised forest is well worth a visit from anyone staying in Lesbos villa rentals, especially if they have children. A park with well-marked trails surrounds the site of the 'forest', and there is a visitor's centre where more of the science of the location can be explored. With a very warm climate and plenty of sunshine, a trip to Lesbos is a great way to spend a holiday. For anyone who really likes to get out and do things in the sun, there are few better places.

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What are the most popular accommodations in the area?

The most booked accommodations in Lesbos are private room and apartment rental. We search from more than 50 accommodations in Lesbos to help you find the perfect place to stay during your trip.

How much does it cost to stay the night?

Prices start at just €30 per night. Most apartment rental in Lesbos are 23 m² and private room are 35 m².

Do you offer pet-friendly private room in Lesbos?

We have the perfect options for you and your furry companions. Hotel rooms are the most pet-friendly accommodations in Lesbos with an average price of €116 per night.

Do you offer accommodations for traveling with a group?

For your vacation in Lesbos, we do offer accommodations for groups. The typical private room has space for 2 guests.

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