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Find the perfect vacation home on Chios

A heavenly Greek island holiday in the sun is high on everyone’s wish list and a stay in the very affordable Island Chios villas are one way of making your life-long dreams of summer holiday bliss come true without breaking the bank.

Holiday Homes with a Patio or Terrace

Villa Balcony/Patio Limnos
11 Nov - 18 Nov
200 m² Villa
14 5
Limnos, Amani, Chios
5.0 / 5.0
from €153 €406
per night
Apartment Balcony/Patio Chios
2 1
Chios, Northern Aegean, Greece
4.5 / 5.0
from €46
per night
Apartment Balcony/Patio Nagos
2 Sep - 9 Sep
45 m² Apartment
3 1
Nagos, Kardamila, Chios
4.8 / 5.0
from €36 €50
per night
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Holiday lettings and apartments with air conditioning

Apartment Aircondition Nagos
2 Sep - 9 Sep
3 1
Nagos, Kardamila, Chios
4.8 / 5.0
from €46 €61
per night
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Let all your Greek summer holiday dreams come true with Chios Island Holiday Homes

The island of Chios is one of the biggest islands of Greece and has plenty of Island Chios holiday rentals for you to choose from to make your stay a memorable one. The peak season when the Island Chios holiday rentals face maximum demand is during the months of July and August.

A holiday on Island Chios is packed to the brim with historic sights and fun filled free time activities. The Nea Moni Monastery has been named an UNESCO World Heritage Site. This 11th century monastery is known for its sprawling complex and consists of small churches, a dining hall and the cells for monks to stay in. Some of the Island Chios holiday rentals are also beach facing properties and when you stay in any of them, you will be greeted with pristine cleanliness, glittering blue water and golden, spacious, sandy beaches. There are also quieter lagoons where you can enjoy a more relaxed pace of life.

Rent Villas on Chios Island and enjoy a dip in the sparkling blue sea

The beaches of Island Chios are many and diverse, and you can choose from the beaches of Karfas, Megas Limnionas and a beach that is quaintly known as Homer’s Stone. Towards the village of Kallimasia are the beaches of Agia Fotia and Agios Aimillanos. A very different kind of a beach where you can look for Island Chios holiday apartments is the one at Emborios which is covered in round black pebbles thanks to its volcanic origins. One of the unique sights to behold when you stay in any of the Island Chios holiday rentals are the tulips that grow naturally all over the island. There is also the Castle of Chios, which lies close to the main port of Chios and dates back to the mediaeval period.

Choose Chios Island Villa Rentals and visit an UNESCO World Heritage Site

You can also enjoy a culturally uplifting holiday when you stay in the Island Chios holiday rentals. There are several museums that can be a part of your itinerary – the Archaeological Museum of Chios, the Chios Maritime Museum, the Justiniani Palace and the Nea Moni Museum, to name just a few. You can choose to stay in Island Chios holiday rentals during Easter, when the Vrontados town celebrates Easter in a very unique way. The town sees rival teams indulging in the Easter Church War, where they set homemade rockets onto the church’s bell towers even as the Easter service is going on inside the building!Some more excellent suggestions for your well earned holiday breaks that you may not have considered yet are:

  • Book Hvar Island Villas and discover golden sandy beaches, historical monuments, churches, beautiful natural landscapes and a mountainous terrain, the highest peak of which is called Sveti Nikola and towers at around 628 metres
  • Come and stay in Benissa Holiday Villas and discover the beautiful Palace of Torres-Orduña, which doubles as a cultural centre and library and a large Neo-Gothic church, Catedral de la Marina
  • Choose Flevoland Holiday Rentals and relax and unwind with a visit to the peaceful and serene Kromslootpark
  • Costa Blanca Villas - a sizzling hot Spanish summer holiday paradise that needs no introduction!

What are the most popular accommodations in the area?

The most booked accommodations on Chios are bed & breakfast rentals and house rentals. We search from more than 26 accommodations on Chios to help you find the perfect place to stay during your trip.

How much does it cost to stay the night?

With Casamundo, you will find vacation rentals starting from €31 on Chios. On average, accommodations on Chios will have a size of 111 m² (House rentals) and 22 m² (Bed & Breakfast rentals).

Do you offer pet-friendly bed & breakfast rentals on Chios?

If you are traveling with your pet, we have the perfect solution: Aparthotel are the most pet-friendly accommodations on Chios. On average a pet-friendly rental costs €105 per night.

Do you offer accommodations for traveling with a group?

For your vacation on Chios, we do offer accommodations for groups. The typical bed & breakfast rentals has space for 3 guests.