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Find the perfect vacation home Franconia

The German region of Franconia is one of the best holiday destinations in the world, owing to its diversity. Throughout history, Franconia was a largely partitioned entity - its fragmented nature only ended when Napoleon amalgamated it with Bavaria in 1806.

Franconia: Our recommendations

Caravan Dutzendteich
12 m² Caravan
2 1
Dutzendteich, Südöstliche Außenstadt, Germany
4.0 / 5.0
"Very good"
from €49
per night
Apartment Schönlind
55 m² Apartment
4 2
Schönlind, Weißenstadt, Germany
from €45
per night
Apartment Sulzbach am Main
100 m² Apartment
6 2
Sulzbach am Main, Miltenberg, Germany
from €61
per night
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Holiday rentals with wifi

Caravan Internet Bad Kissingen
26 Mar - 2 Apr
24 m² Caravan
4 2
Bad Kissingen, Lower Franconia, Germany
4.7 / 5.0
from €46 €128
per night
Apartment Internet Hellmitzheim
75 m² Apartment
6 1
Hellmitzheim, Iphofen, Germany
from €85
per night
Apartment Internet Thierstein
5 Feb - 12 Feb
64 m² Apartment
2 1
Thierstein, Wunsiedel, Germany
from €98 €116
per night
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Holidays Homes and Accommodation with sauna

Apartment Sauna Fladungen
2 1
Fladungen, Rhön-Grabfeld, Germany
from €62
per night
Apartment Sauna Königsfeld
165 m² Apartment
10 2
Königsfeld, Bamberg, Germany
4.7 / 5.0
from €53
per night
Apartment Sauna Großenohe
5 Nov - 12 Nov
95 m² Apartment
8 2
Großenohe, Hiltpoltstein, Germany
from €174 €266
per night
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Holiday homes and cottages with a garden

House Yard Affalterthal
50 m² House
4 2
Affalterthal, Egloffstein, Germany
4.6 / 5.0
from €58
per night
House Yard Wilhelmsthal
2 Apr - 9 Apr
20 m² House
3 1
Wilhelmsthal, Kronach, Germany
from €117 €175
per night
House Yard Bellershausen
110 m² House
4 2
Bellershausen, Diebach, Germany
5.0 / 5.0
from €94
per night
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Enjoy some beautiful city breaks during your magical Franconia Holidays

Located in northern Bavaria, Franconia is unique in the sense that it also comprises parts of Thuringia and Baden Württemberg. Franconia can further be subdivided into the following three parts: Lower Franconia, Middle Franconia and Upper Franconia.

The capital cities of these sub -regions are Würzburg, Ansbach and Bayreuth respectively. Other famous Franconian cities in which Franconia apartments can be found include Nuremberg, Bamberg and Coburg. There are numerous breathtaking tourist attractions in Franconia. One of its cities - Würzburg - happens to be the origin of the world renowned ‘Romantic Road’ - a lengthy holiday road stretching from the River Main to the Alps, linking Bavaria’s numerous attractions along the route.

Book Franconia Holiday Cottages and enjoy an authentic German holiday experience!

Würzburg is characterized by a spectacular landscape - consisting of steep hills covered with vines - and is the centre of wine production in Franconia. Tiergarten (Nuremberg’s zoo) and Lochgefängnisse (Nuremberg’s dungeons) are other major Franconian attractions. The Franconian attractions in Ansbach include Margrave's Palace and the Baroque Synagogue. There are many things to do in Franconia: you can visit the Roman architectural remains and the various national parks; you can also go skiing, hiking, canoeing and cycle trailing. Owing to its numerous bistros, clubs and arenas, Franconia is characterized by a boisterous nightlife. Various festivals are held throughout the year, some of which include the Africa and Mozart Festivals. For classical music lovers, there are over 600 annual concerts from which to choose. Beer lovers, Franconia is the place to be! Bamberg is a beer paradise.

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The word exquisite best describes Franconia holiday rentals. Most of them are equipped with internet services, cable TV, Radio/CD and microwaves. Franconia holiday rentals are strategically located as you will find most of them only a walking distance from social amenities like shopping centres, cinemas, theatres, restaurants, libraries, museums, underground stations and airports. Franconia holiday rentals have been lauded for being very affordable, and they rarely receive negative reviews. Consider a trip to Germany and sample these magnificent Franconia holiday rentals!

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What are the most popular accommodations in the area?

The most booked accommodations Franconia are hotel rooms and apartment rentals. We search from more than 9,683 accommodations Franconia to help you find the perfect place to stay during your trip.

How much does it cost to stay the night?

With Casamundo you can find rentals Franconia starting at €33 - On average, you will stay in a 59 m² (Apartment rentals) or a 27 m² (Hotel rooms).

Do you offer pet-friendly hotel rooms Franconia?

We have the perfect options for you and your furry companions. Apartment rentals are the most pet-friendly accommodations Franconia with an average price of €118 per night.

Do you offer accommodations for traveling with a group?

For your vacation Franconia, we do offer accommodations for groups. The typical hotel rooms has space for 3 guests.