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Find the perfect vacation home on the shores of Saimaa and more Finnish lakes - CASAMUNDO base64Hash Find the perfect vacation home on the shores of Saimaa and more Finnish lakes - CASAMUNDO

Find the perfect vacation home on the shores of Saimaa and more Finnish lakes

South-eastern Finland's Lake Saimaa is a collection of some of Europe's most beautiful bodies of water and a stay in villas in Lake Saimaa makes for a refreshing, tranquil and idyllic break from life’s daily stresses and worries.

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Resort Taipalsaari
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Taipalsaari, Lappeenranta, Finland
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Resort Balcony/Patio Taipalsaari
29 Sep - 6 Oct
Holiday Home
5 2
Taipalsaari, Lappeenranta, Finland
4.5 / 5.0
from €118 €165
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Rent Lake Saimaa Holiday Cottages and book yourself a place in lakeside heaven

With nearly 120 crystal clear blue lakes and 14,000 lush green islands Lake Saimaa is Europe's largest and most picturesque lake district. Lake Saimaa holidays have something for everyone, from kayaking on the calm blue waters to hiking through icy white fields; there are endless activities available for the thrill and adventure-seeking holidaymaker, such as cycling, swimming, hiking, boating and canoeing. Another Scandinavian holiday destination well worth visiting for the outstanding natural beauty is Lolland Holiday Lettings.


Book yourself some much needed and deserved time out with Lake Saimaa Villas

In Finland, everyone have free access to all the waterways. However, if you are looking for a more relaxed getaway, take a cruise on the Saimaa Canal, which links the lakes to the Gulf of Finland, or indulge in an afternoon of berry picking! The canal itself is used to transport goods such as minerals, wood, metals and pulp- and is a testament to prosperous Finland’s fascinating trading history. There are many quaint towns to visit in the Lake Saimaa region, such as Imatra and Lappeenranta, located in the south. Both are perfect to visit during the summer months. Savonlinna boasts a spectacular medieval island castle and is the perfect location for a summer excursion. During the summer months, it is highly recommendable to go hiking in the Linnansaari and Kolovesi national parks. The vast expanse of water makes Lake Saimaa an ideal holiday location for those looking for a charming lakeside Lake Saimaa holiday rentals or a farm holiday. From June to August visitors will be treated to very long and sunny days, providing you with a pleasant climate in which to sit back and relax.

Catch up on some much needed "you time" with a trip to Lake Saimaa Villa Rentals

In the winter, Lake Saimaa boasts an abundance of beautiful places to enjoy, including luxurious spa resorts and decadent hotel complexes. It is possible to take part in some skiing, skating, winter fishing, dog sled riding and snowmobile safaris in the winter in Lake Saimaa. The nature and wild-life in the region of Lake Saimaa is nothing short of breathtaking. From the proud elk to the majestic osprey, the animals are truly a sight to behold. The Saimaa Ringed Seal can also be found here. With only 260 left on the whole planet, spotting one really is a treat and a privilege. Also endangered is the Saimaa salmon, another of Lake Saimaa's wonderful wildlife offerings. Holidays in Lake Saimaa are an excellent opportunity to enjoy the wonders of nature. Lake Saimaa really is the jewel of south east Finland and a truly original holiday destination, off the beaten tourist track. Another waterside holiday destination you may enjoy is Soller Villas, a sizzling hot Spanish seaside resort where the tranquil blue waves provide relief from the hot summer sun. Or, if serene and peaceful lakeside destinations are your idea of holiday bliss, look no further than Lake Constance Villas, and Lake Geneva Villas, two spectacularly beautiful glassy European lakes which will leave you with a deep impression of the sheer awe-inspiring power of nature.

Do you offer accommodations for traveling with a group?

Yes, we definitely have accommodations for groups on the shores of Saimaa and more Finnish lakes. On average, the house rentals has space for 8 guests.