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Find the perfect vacation home Plovdiv

Have you already soaked up the sun in such touristic holiday destinations as Lloret de Mar Villas and are now looking for a holiday filled with culture,history and architecture? Look no further than Plovdiv, the second largest city in Bulgaria, after the capital Sofia.

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600 years of history, 200 archaelogical sites, 30 art galleries, 4 football teams - one Plovdiv

Due to its extraordinary historical value and interest, Plovdiv holidays are extremely popular with tourists and history enthusiasts from all over the world. Come to the amazing city of Plovdiv and discover a world of possibility. The history of Plovdiv spans a period of 6,000 years and is therefore one of the oldest cities in Europe. The city is known as the land of many ancient civilisations. Situated on the Maritsa River, Plovdiv is influenced by both Western and Eastern cultures, but still maintains to retain its own unique personality and traditions.

Come and learn about the traditions of Plovdiv with Plovdiv self catering Apartments

Plovdiv’s history is older than that of most of the most ancient cultures and civilizations in the world, such as Rome, Athens, Carthage or Constantinople, and is almost a contemporary of Troy. Rent yourself a beautiful Plovdiv apartment and come and see for yourself. Another fascinating European holiday destination where you can learn about local history is Carcassonne Apartments - discover the beautiful medieval centre and fairytale castles of Carcassonne. Plovdiv boasts over 200 archaeological sites to explore, of which 30 are of such national cultural importance that they need careful preservation and strict monitoring. Plovdiv has two ancient theaters dating back to the medieval era, Ottoman baths and mosques and an old quarter from the National Revival period which is in very good condition. Due to its high cultural and historical value, Plovdiv play hosts to many cultural, musical and theatrical events. The city also boasts many museums, public houses, art galleries and cultural institutions to showcase the rich cultures and old traditions of the city. If you plan on visiting Plovdiv, you cannot afford to miss the Roman Theater and the Roman Stadium-the two most important monuments of the Roman era. Discover another eastern European holiday destination with a rich and fascinating history and culture to discover, Ústí nad Labem Holiday Rentals.

Rent Plovdiv Accommodation and experience one of the most ancient cities in the world

The Historical Museum of Plovdiv hosts many exhibitions detailing and explaining the history of Plovdiv, dating from the 16th century. The Old Town of Plovdiv is another place of interest; here you will find many buildings following the Bulgarian Renaissance architectural style. Plovdiv has 30 art galleries, of which the Art Gallery of Plovdiv is the most noticeable, housing 5,000 pieces of art in four different buildings. If you love shopping, you may quench your shopping thirst during your Plovdiv holidays, as the city boasts many modern shopping centers around the Central district and the district of Trakiya. Although Plovdiv is an ancient city with traditional values, it also boasts a huge range of fun free time activities. Here, you will find the biggest stadium in Eastern Europe: the Plovdiv Sports Com-plex. The sports complex is popular among local residents and tourists alike, serving the purpose of recreation and relaxation. Football is by far the most popular sport in the city. Plovdiv has four professional football teams. If you prefer other lighter outdoor activities, you could have a walk in some of the most beautiful nature parks in the country: the Tsar Simeon garden, or the City Garden, and the Dondukov Garden. Another excellent holiday location for history enthusiasts is Cote d'Azur Villas

What are the most popular accommodations in the area?

The most popular accommodation types Plovdiv are apartment rentals and bed & breakfast rentals. With 63 accommodations Plovdiv, the perfect vacation home is only one click away.

How much does it cost to stay the night?

With Casamundo you can find rentals Plovdiv starting at €30 - On average, you will stay in a 18 m² (Bed & Breakfast rentals) or a 85 m² (Apartment rentals).

Do you offer pet-friendly apartment rentals Plovdiv?

When traveling with your dog Plovdiv, hotel rooms are recommended. These are the most common pet-friendly accommodations with an average price of €98 per night.

Do you offer accommodations for traveling with a group?

Yes, we definitely have accommodations for groups Plovdiv. On average, the apartment rentals has space for 4 guests.