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Blagoevgrad is located in the southwest of Bulgaria and covers approximately 628 km2 of the country’s surface area, including the 25 surrounding villages near Blagoevgrad. The region of Blagoevgrad contains three of Bulgaria’s largest mountains, Rhodopes, Pirin, and Rila.

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Blagoevgrad is the major city of Southern Bulgaria and is an important cultural and economic centre. Blagoevgrad offers easy access to Bulgaria’s capital Sofia, approximately 100km to the north.

A stay in Blagoevagrad holiday rentals offers an abundance of natural resources for the nature-loving visitor to savour and enjoy. Pirin is characterised by its exceptionally beautiful geographic locations, rich flora, and spectacular mountain views. Three regal mountain ranges adorn the plain—Rila, Rhodopes, and Pirin, as well as quaint lakes and thunderous rivers which constantly supply the region with fresh spring water. The local rivers including Mesta, Struma, Glazene, and Bistritsa echo with the region’s best-known folksongs. Visitors will be astounded at the magnificence, rich variation and natural beauty of its abundant mountain forests, river systems, and pure mineral water. The physical features of Blagoevgrad make it undoubtedly the largest and most significant town in southwest Bulgaria.

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Rent Blagoevgrad Accommodation amongst some of the world's most breathtaking mountains, forests, lakes, rivers and valleys...

The wild and beautiful nature of the region remains unspoilt and untouched and the nature reserves and national parks are some of the region’s greatest treasures. Pirin’s National Park has worldwide importance as it is included on the international list of World Cultural Heritage. Blagoevgrad has had a colouful and eventful history, which is can be traced in its rich architectural, archaeological, and ethnological heritage whilst staying in Blagoevgrad holiday cottages. Royal medieval fortresses once guarded the rocky roads, while some of the most exquisite architecture can be seen and appreciated in the villages of Dolen, Pletena, Kovachevitza, Melnik, and Bansko. Blagoevagrad holidays enjoy a strong Mediterranean influence due to copious air flowing from the River Struma. Chilly northerly winds are kept out of the town by natural barriers such as the towering hills of Belo Pole and Rila. Rila’s mountain breeze descends along the river Bistritsa transporting cool air on hot summer days. The near absence of industrial pollution provides Blagoevgrad with clean air. Winter is brief, mild, and has very little to no snowfall. January’s temperatures are around 0.6°C, while summer temperatures can reach 23.4°C, although the maximum temperature recorded in Blagoevgrad was 39.9°C.

What are the most popular accommodations in the area?

The most in-demand accommodations Blagoevgrad are hotel rooms and apartment rentals. With 25 offers Blagoevgrad, we always find the perfect accommodation for you.

How much does it cost to stay the night?

With Casamundo, you will find vacation rentals starting from €33 Blagoevgrad. On average, accommodations Blagoevgrad will have a size of 65 m² (Apartment rentals) and 32 m² (Hotel rooms).

Do you offer pet-friendly hotel rooms Blagoevgrad?

When traveling with your dog Blagoevgrad, hotel rooms are recommended. These are the most common pet-friendly accommodations with an average price of €32 per night.

Do you offer accommodations for traveling with a group?

Yes, we definitely have accommodations for groups Blagoevgrad. On average, the hotel rooms has space for 3 guests.