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Lower Austria Holiday Homes - the perfect setting for outdoor relaxation and sports

Lower Austria
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Have you already been to such typical popular holiday locations as Lošinj Holiday Villas and are looking for something a bit different? Lower Austria gets is name as it is located downriver on the beautiful river Danube.

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Rosental, Neunkirchen, Lower Austria
910 ft² Apartment
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Kaumberg, Gemeinde Kaumberg, Lower Austria
1080 ft² House
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from $717
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Rosental, Neunkirchen, Lower Austria
1080 ft² Apartment
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4.6 / 5
from $746
for 1 week
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The river Danube flows through Austria dividing the country into Upper and Lower Austria. Lower Austria is simply stunning with beautiful forests, sunflower fields and alpine pastures. The beauty of Lower Austria entices many visitors every year because of the perfect conditions and environment for walks, hikes, golf and other outdoor pursuits.

Choose Lower Austria Cottage Rentals for a fun-filled holiday getaway to suit all budgets and tastes

There are many wellness spas to visit, which will add to the experience for visitors to this wonderful country rich in natural beauty. Austria is one of the wonderful parts of the world which is as great to visit in winter as summer, as it is a wonderful location for a skiing holiday. Accommodation is available to suit all tastes and budgets, including Lower Austria holiday rentals. Some other great places to indulge your passion for adventure and outdoor sports are Ardèche Holiday Cottages, where you can enjoy kayaking, trekking, horseriding and hiking daily, or Bornholm Holiday Rentals,where you can enjoy hiking, cyling and a large range of water sports.

Lower Austria is rich in cultural history with two UNESCO world heritage sites to visit, along with numerous museums and many monasteries. Each ruler from the past has left traces of their time making the historical atmosphere of the country almost tangible. Lower Austria has many beautiful fairy-tale castles which are unique to Europe and which remind us of the tales of our childhood. Some of the most beautiful castles are the Ruine Hinterhaus, the Burgruine Senftenberg and the Ruine Hinterhaus. There is accommodation available in this magical part of the world to suit all tastes and budgets including Lower Austria accommodation.

Lower Austria Apartments - discover and explore the magical and enchanting castles and palaces of Lower Austria

Lower Austria is the ideal location for enthusiasts of outdoor pursuits! The wonderful natural surroundings add to the perfect environment for cyclists, walkers, hikers and golfers. Water sports such as canoeing and swimming are also very popular in the area. Lovers of horse-riding and horses will love the beautiful vast countryside of the area. There are a total of forty golf courses in Lower Austria, making it a very popular holiday destination for golfers from all over the world. Accommodation is plentiful including Lower Austria holiday rentals. Lower Austria becomes a winter wonderland during the winter months. The country is covered in a beautiful blanket of snow making the conditions ideal for a skiing holiday. There are some wonderful ski resorts in Lower Austria. Beginners and expert skiers will all enjoy the perfect skiing conditions and beautiful surroundings in Lower Austria and the climate in winter ensures that there is always a good fresh snowfall. Accommodation is available in Lower Austria to suit all tastes and budgets, including beautiful wooden ski cabins and Lower Austria rentals. There is a wonderful selection of accommodation available in Lower Austria. Five star hotels for those special occasions, wonderful fairy-tale wooden cabins for skiing holidaymakers and of course Lower Austria holiday rentals for those who wish for self-catering accommodation. Another beautiful snow-capped mountainous region you may enjoy a holiday is North Moravia Holiday Cottages.