Vacation rentals - The apartments & houses of CASAMUNDO

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Vacation rentals - The apartments & houses of CASAMUNDO

At some point throughout the year, every one of us looks forward to our next vacation - a time when we can relax abroad somewhere with our loved ones without having to worry about the stresses of work and home life. What better way to have a revitalizing break with your family or friends while enjoying your privacy than by booking a self catering vacation home or other type of rental accommodation in your chosen destination? Booking vacation rentals has many benefits over staying in a hotel, and not just because they are better value for money, although this often is the case.

Holiday homes are becoming more and more popular amongst those who want to travel in groups, as many of the rental properties available have enough rooms for several guests, which means that you can spend quality time together in your vacation rental without having to cram into one hotel room and share a bathroom! Another advantage of rental apartments and houses is that many of them allow you to take your four-legged friend with you, so if it's vacations with pets that you're after, then renting a holiday home or apartment is definitely for you.

Not only will you have more space and be able to take your pets along, but vacation villas and homes also have many more available amenities, such as those with their own pool, terraces and sometimes even saunas and hot tubs! Of course, in a vacation home you will generally have access to your own kitchen too, so you have the freedom to choose when and what you eat. This can be particularly useful when on vacation with fussy children, and it will also save you a lot of money.

Not seldom are vacation homes also in nicer locations than hotels that often bundle in commercial areas full of tourists. You can pick exactly where you want to go, whether that's the city center or somewhere rural where you'll get a real feel for the local culture. Vacation rentals often have a lot more character than hotels, and you can choose the right property for your tastes, whether it's an old, charming cottage in the South of France, a cosy skiing chalet in Switzerland or Austria, a condo by the beach in Barcelona, or a modern apartment in cities like London, Paris or Rome for that special luxury weekend break you've been dreaming of.


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